Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Training front

Training is going so-so.

Last thursday I did a 3hr road ride and tried to push it. I expected to ride better but as long as it hurt I guess that is a success. At one point I was crawling up this steep climb and was about to get off and check my rear tire pressure. That isn't a good sign.

The next day I did 2hrs on Brush mtn, again, trying to push it. It hurt too. Again not a stellar ride, but successful to go two days back to back.

Easy Sunday and Monday and I tried today to do some MSP/SMSP. It didn't go so well.

This is the third week of a block and those two rides Thurs/Fri were really my first stab at full length hard training rides. It's going to take a little transition to get used to that again.

Plus I think that I would probably do better with 2 week blocks followed by a 4day rest block instead of the 3week blocks with a 5-6day rest period. I just don't think I've got the recovery ability.

I've also been commuting more. The problem with commuting is that I seem ride at the no-man's land pace. Too hard to be recovery, but not hard enough to do any good. I just can't commute around town at a snail's pace. When I commute it's always defensive riding and I seem to push it a little.

Plus lately I haven't been eating that much. Which isn't a good thing. I've lost a few more pounds over the past 5 months. I had this goal of getting to 130 or under, but I am not sure if that is optimal for me.

Racing is always my goal that keeps me going, but there haven't been too many to do that have fit into my schedule. Massanutten is June 4. But there is a chance I might go to Better Ride's Level 2 Camp in Richmond.

I've gotten so much out of that skills lesson I took several months ago that this level 2 camp would be another investment into my riding.

Nothing confirmed yet.


At 4:54 PM, Blogger walkert said...


Good luck on the training! I hear you when you talk about it HURTING!!!

Walker T


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