Tuesday, June 03, 2008

PD4A going on 2nd week

So I'm going on the 2nd week of the Paleo Diet For Athletes.

I actually haven't even looked at the book since skimming it the first time. The book didn't read very well to me. Written by two authors, it definitely feels disjointed. You can easily tell which author wrote which sections and it isn't laid out very well.

What I prefer is a very simplified plan based on Gordo

Gordo distills these ideas to what he calls the Key Three:

Majority of nutrition from whole fruits, lean protein and fresh veggies.
Starch and sugar only during and after training.
Eliminate as much processed food as possible

I augment this to eat whatever you want a few hours before a ride or 10min before a ride, or 1hr afer ride.

For dinners we've been getting some frozen fish from Kroger. Cheaper brand of wild caught salmon and tilapia. Plus lots of fruits/vegetables. BBQ chicken.

Before a commute bike home it's...cookie time. Get outta my way. Cookie time. And at home I'll 'recover' with somthing..

So far I haven't been feeling as bad during those low points in the day. And haven't been going off the plan too much. And this is important. Except... When I damn well please I eat what I want to. I if I want pizza I'll get it. Same for bday cake. And if the BBQ goes on, a beer comes out.

If you are following a 90/10 goal fo 90% of the time the plan, 10% deviate. Or 80/20 whatever. This is a goal eating plan not a diet. It's not a caloric restriction it's more of a scheduling. For someone just starting out, I'd suggest only try it for dinner. Switch to a lean meat/fish and vegetable dinner (except if a big race was coming up the next day)

results to date
-still feel a little energy lull in middle of the day, seems to be getting better.

-Just fruits/vegetables for a snack doesn't cut it. Nut/with dried fruit helps. Supposedly peanuts are not the best, but those peanut/fruit mixes are about 5$ cheaper per bag so that's what I get. Also yogurt helps, even though it is technically not on the plan.

-Planning is key. I've been cooking up a stew in the crock pot the past two Sundays. It gets me through several breakfasts and lunches. When cooking up some BBQ chicken make the whole package and eat it for breakfast or lunches through the next few days.

-Going riding w/o planning for it and then taking something 10mins before works, but only for a short time. the 10minute thing is only for riding moderate or light pace, not for race pace. cause it makes my legs feel like lead.

-No blood sugar spikes at all even during riding and eating a little debbie.

Weight scale said lighest ever, BF% showed lightest ever. But I was probably dehydratded....My guess is that with less overall muscle glycogen in storage I'm carrying less water in general. It seems that I don't need as much water as previously to stay hydrated.

As long as I eat properly to prepare for riding (with influx of carbs 3 hrs before) I am riding real well. Climbing well especially due to lower weight.


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