Monday, May 21, 2007

Heavy wheels for training no more.

I'd have a beat on set of wheels/rubber that I'd ride on in order to save my light stuff for racing. I've now changed my thoughts on this and am going to just run the light wheelset.

One school of thought is that you train on the heavy stuff and then when it's race time you'll feel like a million bucks. I've read that you can accomplish the same thing by just running a bigger gear when using the light stuff. The same net training affect is generated.

Here and here are some threads over at mtbr talking about this.

The problem I've had with the heavy stuff is that it makes the bike ride different. There are subtle and even significant handling changes when going between the wheelsets. The bike moves differently especially when lifting it up and hopping. But also the heavy stuff just feels slow.

Well it is slow. Especially with rotational weight the effct in terms of spin up and acceleration is very noticeable. This really affects gearing choice as well.

The race wheels are Stans Olympic rims coupled with WTB Laserdisc lites (American Classic rebadged). Built by Mike at Oddsandendos.

The hubs are not the most durable but they are easy to overhaul. They are older models that are designed to have a small amount of play which can be disconcerting. But the wheels have been really bomber considering what they go through.

My plan is to put race tires on for race day then switch back to older dogs for training. A little more work but my current opinion is that I need train as close to possible as what will be raced.


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