Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Team Kit?

So I'm thinking about starting my own cycling team. If your interested post a comment below just so I can gauge if anyone is into this. I need at least 9 other people to buy a jersey to make the minimum.

Team MWC FTJ NGT naturally.
Racing and even riding when MWC, FTJ, NGT is a real accomplishment regardless of your fitness or placings. It should be honored with some colors to fly.

Anyone could join as long as you meet some basic qualifications. Specifically, married (or partnered) with children, Full time job or at least not a trust-a-farian. The No genetic talent part is relative. You must be an all around upstanding person, love mountain biking/cycling, give back to the sport by supporting grass roots racing, helping new riders out, etc. Be a good sport, courteous, etc..

I'll get jersey's, shorts, other kit made. For those that don't want to pay a lot for clothes, I was also kicking the idea around of gettings some tshirts/mugs/other junk made through something like Cafe Press. Just so people can fly the colors casually too.

What are the benefits of joining Team MWC FTG NGT?
-A warm fuzzy feeling.

What does it cost?-Cost of a jersey+shipping+ whatever other clothing you want?

What about sponsorhip?-I don't want to clutter up the jersey with that stuff yet. Plus logistically, it would be a pain to send out stuff all over the country. So for the time being no benefits from pro-deals etc. Which actually are more of a black hole that suck your money away than being a real advantage.

What are my obligations?-have fun, ride, race, email me some pictures/results. Inspire others. Grow mountain biking.

Who's clothing are you going to use?
Champion Systems
-Their prices are amazing. Ive got a jersey and bib shorts and they are sweet. Comfy material, full zip jersey, very comfy pad. And I'm pretty sure they have KIDS sizes which just goes so well with the whole theme. I'll take some pics and post the current stuff I've got.

What will the jersey look like?

Not sure yet. I'm open to ideas. Simple, straight forward. I like the retro look like this:

What about the logo?
MWC FTJ NGT is a tough thing to logo. I've been playing around with some fonts just see what it might look like: here are some ideas. Chime in if one just jumps out at you. I particularly like the first two.

So the logo would go on the front and back in a horizontal configuration on the jersey. Same logo would run down the legs of the shorts/arm warmers...

I was toying with putting some small drawings on the pockets.
-stick figure of a family for MWC for example:

-clip art of a clock set at 9:00 and another one set to 5:00 for full time job
-and another clip art of dna with a circle/line through it to symbolize no genetic talent.

Or just taking the logo and splitting up the MWC, FTJ, NGT and putting one on each of the three pockets.

Anyway, just an idea. Leave a comment if your interested. Prices can be seen at the Champsys sight. basically I have to get 10 of one item. Jerseys are $45 After that you can get smaller quantities of other pieces such as vests, arm warmers, etc.. They take a long ass time to get but the price is significantly lower than many other custom places. I can get more sizing info if interested.


At 8:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool. I think it should say Evomo somewhere on the front.
btw. http://www.pactimo.com has awesome prices, low minimums, full custom, no charge per color. i love that!

At 1:25 AM, Anonymous www.encontactos.com said...

It can't work in fact, that is exactly what I believe.


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