Friday, November 25, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving from Sonic

So we were going to go to my parents new place in Myrtle Beach for Thanksgiving. They just retired their literally last week. But their house isn't totally done, and we are all sick after having been under lots of stress hosting a wedding reception at our house. Anyone who is married can understand the kind of stress imposed and self imposed when it comes to hosting 60+ people at your house.

Last minute we decided it best not to go to keep my Dad from getting our sickness and save my mom the stress of having to worry about our comfort when they are still living out of boxes. Not wanting to stay home we decided spur of the moment to go somewhere for a day or two. Some park with a cabin or cottage or something. Douthat and Pipestem were totally booked and on a lark we checked in to Hungry Mother State Park
. Got the last cabin they had

Packed up and road tripped it down there. Didn't bring my bike. Wish oh wish I had. Looked like some fun little trails.

Come Thanksgiving day we go in search of food. In Marion Virginia. Small town. Ok The McDonalds is closed. The Pizza Hut is closed. The KFC/Taco Bell was under construction. Wendy's was closed. Every local diner was closed. Now the expecations have fallen. The Mexican Restauraunt was closed. Even the Chinese Restauraunt was closed. Haven't these people seen Christmas Story. Fa-ra-ra-ra-ra....

The Best Western had advertised a Buffet but it ended at 3. Finally, we realize that the Sonic is the only place open.

We get some Sonic to go. Then found a grocery store still open and got a Mrs.Smith Pie to go.

Happy Thanksgiving from Hungry Mother State Park and the Sonic


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