Monday, November 28, 2005


I've been trying to build up my new-to-me roadbike for the past several weeks. Finally got it all together but still have only ridden it up about 1/2 a block. The wheels were sent in for overhaul but came back not adjusted right so I gotta take care of that. And from the last post you can see that my shifter needs some help, but it will be rideable though.

Hopefully the rain will stop and I can at least pedal it around. The fit is good, based on the points in space method
-saddle setback
-saddle height
-drop from saddle to bar
-reach from saddle tip to bar top
-reach from saddle tip to tip of hood

I went with a bar with much shorter reach which brings the distance to the hoods in some so I miight go with a longer stem.

Here are some teaser pics for you.


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