Monday, May 16, 2005

working it

Long mtb ride this weekend. Hooked up with some old mtb friends from out of town. Rode out to meet them, then rode a point to point then home.

Was trying to work it. Didn't feel all there, but a great side affect of good training is that even when you are feeling like a sidekick with no super powers rather than the super hero, you're still riding at a good pace. Cause a good sidekick is still better than the general citenzenry.

My handling is gone again. Why is it so fleeting? Some days it's on, other days the timing is gone and the field of vision starts to go closer and closer to the front wheel, and visions of sailing over the tops of drops are replaced with stacking it.

Gonna try and ride it into the ground today by doing some hill work on the road bike. Decided that the next couple of months are going to be 2weeks on, 4-5 days off with lots of 2 day blocks and riding when fatigued really nailing the lid on the coffin.

Big ring was skipping yesterday. Underpower in rough stuff. Took a look at the teeth and they are almost all gone. Big ring is shot, little ring is shot. Stuff wears out. Esp with any mud/water. But that is mountain biking. Bugs me when you hear people bitching about stuff wearing out or not working. Um well that's what happens when you ride a lot.


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