Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Musical beds

Rough night last night. Youngest one had a fever and was not feeling well. I think it is another ear infection. But what do I know I'm not a doctor but I did stay in a Holiday Inn one night.

Another night of musical beds

He came into our bed, then I went to his bed (a little twin matress), then my wife came to his bed, I went back to our bed ,then he went back to his bed, my wife came back to our bed, then our older son came in to our room around 5am. The rule with him is that if it's after 4am he can come in bed with us. Oh did we put the kybosh on that this morning. He said, but it's 5 it's after 4am. In unison, NOOO go back to your room! He was one bummed little man.

Sleeping with the youngest one is pain, literally. He won't sleep on one side he has to sleep right in the middle, with one heel or elbow sticking into you. And this is a queen sized bed. I'd physically slide him over to one end of the bed, and wrap him up like a hot dog, or put pillows in between us to create an impenetrable barrier. All to no avail. I should have just gone downstairs.

And I had my earplugs in to block out the coughing. So I'm asking my wife when the last time he got medicine and she's telling me something but I can't hear her and we are going back and forth at 3am

And what does this all have to do with cycling and mountain biking? Not a whole lot except it's one of the many stressors all of us regular people with our regular lives have to factor into our training. Don't underestimate the toll that sleep, kids, jobs, day care, house, lawn, changing the oil, coaching, PTA, etc.etc.. take on your recovery. It's no wonder that it takes me days and days to get my legs back. Well much of that is just plain genetics and physiology but still it's definitely hard.



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