Friday, May 13, 2005

3rd night of poor sleep

last two nights have been rough because this head cold keeps waking me up. Nothing diminshes your ability to be a good parent, worker, person than lack of sleep. Not being a good worker bee for a day isn't going to keep me awake at night (pun, haha), but it sucks to be a bad parent. You can never take back poor choices in snapping and yelling.

On a good note, the dirt crit happened last night an was a total blast. Just like you only need one person and a mirror to have a party you need at least 3 to have a dirt crit, and we had three. Not sure why you need min of 3. With one you have to just push yourself wish is a drag. with two it is too easy to mutually decide to JRA, but with 3 it seems that you get enough stupidity to go for the gold.

write up to follow


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