Friday, December 03, 2004

getting colder

Did the first workout of the 2nd week of Strength phase yesterday
Only did upper body, wussed out on lower body. Hadn't had that much to eat and I started to get dizzy and light headed, not a good thing when doing sets of 5,4,3,2

Had some Endurox with me and took a Hammer gel, took a few minutes to kick in but then I felt better. Gotta get better about eating. I'm losing weight without even trying just cause I don't get around to making food or get some.

This is what I did yesterday
set#1 5reps 85% 165lbs
2 4 90% 175
3 3 95% 185
4 2 100% 195

Dead lift
1 8 75% 115
2 8 75% 115
3 8 75% 115
4 8 75% 115

Leg Press
1 5 85% 390
2 4 90% 410
3 3 95% 435
4 2 100% 455

Hamstring Curl
1 5 85% 85
2 4 90% 90
3 3 95% 95
4 2 100% 100

I am scared of squats, so my form isn't the greatest. doing those weights for me it feels like my intestines are going to explode out on to the mirror or my knee is going to shatter. I wear a weight belt. Even though that won't happen I just am scared of it.

I prefer leg press. I seem to be able to push a fair amount of weight for my body size (135 or less pounds). Racking 5 plates for the last set is kindof cool, but a PITA to put away.

Today I am supposed to do 3 hrs on the bike. But my god, my allergies are going ballistic. It is really windy outside and everything is getting blown around. I am pretty much allergic to anything that has grown or died. I took everything I've go today, Steroid nasal spray, Profen, Singulair

I was all set to drop my little one off at preschool than come home and bundle up and go ride. But every breath through my nose burned like fire. Just couldn't do it. I think I would have been ok once I got started but just getting the gumption up to doing it was a failure. I'll try getting out later this afternoon.

Well, got the truck back from the shop. A part of the exhaust was broken which was why it was running so loud. It is runnnig so sweet now. I am still torn about selling it. But I also just put a set of WRX wheels/tires on the subaru and it looks sweet too. Got a pair of WRX front seats that I'll drop in today. Once the Yakima rack goes back on it will be looking sharp.

But the reality is that I don't really partake in any SW Virginia passtimes like hunting, fishing, 4 wheeling, towing boats, hauling junk around, etc. While it is awesome for hauling bikes around, whenever I had a race farther than an hour, I took the subaru because of the gas mileage. The utility of a truck is unparalleled, and it has been wonderful when it was needed. But let's face it, that hasn't been that often.

I'm such a cheapskate, the fact that I can get $6grand more for the truck than the subaru, and the fact that the subaru is a wonderful car but just isn't worth that much on the used car market is driving me to selling the truck. That combined with the pain of $30 hit every time I filled up the truck.

Plus it has always been on the big side for me, I really do feel little in it and probably look a little funny. A Nissan Frontier Crew cab is probably the ideal for the family and our needs

On the other hand, though my need to be obsessed with things has found new fodder: modifications on subarus. I told myself that if I keep the subaru that I would mod it out some. Wife is all in a tizzy about how much I'm going to spend on that.

But as always the Internet and the user forums have sucked me in once again. To where I'm all set with a list of things to do to the Subaru. And god does it all play havoc with my sleep. I just lay awake thinking about this or that. Gotta take an ambien tonight to get a good nights sleep. I'll probably see a sleep specialist to get a long term prescription for it. I don't take it every night but maybe every 3rd just to keep on top of rest.

Already did some mods actually. got a set of stock WRX wheels/tires for get this $200 + $100 shipping. Made a HUGE difference. Makes this little granola hippy vehicle look much badder.

We used to have a yakima rack on there, till I ran the bikes into the garage (not once but TWICE). decided that I didn't have the intelligence to own a roof rack. But now that this vehicle is going to be parked outside, I am going to put the roof rack back on. It looks much cooler with a Yakima rack on top.

Also got some WRX front seats for $50 +$150 shipped. These are like $400 seats. Gonna put them in today or tomorrow. Black with dark blue accents. they supposedly sit 2-3" higher which is just fine with my short as torso.

So yes I will still sell the truck
Here is a picture if anyone is interested

truck side view

1999 Dodge Dakota 4x4 extended cab Sport trim
66k miles, but Dodge put a new engine in at 18k under warranty so there is only 40 some on the engine
V8 5.2L, 5 speed
Cat Back exhaust
Performance Mod Chip
Line X Spray in liner
Heavy Duty suspension
Tow Package
BF Goodrich All Terrain T/A Tires almost new
grill Gaurd
Fog Lights
sliding rear window
Alloy wheels
Center roof console
Larger RAM side mirrors

It's a nice truck and checked out by mechanic and running sweet
$10,900 Kelly Blue book is $10,450 without all the mods.

email me at if interested. It is going on Autotrader today.


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