Monday, December 06, 2004


Got out for 3 hrs on Sat. Rode with Sam, our babysitter's younger brother who is a freshman at Virginia Tech. He is a strong rider. I warned him I'd be going slow, and stopping a lot. I have to piss a lot, and am always stopping to take off jacket, put on jacket, take a gel, etc.

day before was crap, today was awesome. Upper 40s, sunny, I was overdressed with a jacket.

riding out Mt. Tabor road, felt so easy and so warm. Turning around on Harding, the headwind started. That was why it was so easy. Last climb just worked me and I was bonked. At the top I had to stop and eat a safety cliff bar I had in my camel back. Had enough to make it home and lay on the couch and watch the end of the VT/Miami game, where we won. !!!!!!

Sugar bowl here we come

I could not believe that on the whole ride, Sam only brought one bottle of accellerade, no water, and maybe one or two gels. That boy needs to get smarter about how he eats, but then again he had gearing much higher than I did and wasn't having any problems like me.

I had several gels and a camel bak of water. I should have had that cliff bar at around 1.5 hrs. I'm just on this kick of trying to eat small amount to lose weight. but it is backfiring on me by bonking.

Next day took the cross bike out, to tool around. went on the road and then around this park on grass/gravel road. legs were hurting.

Hooked up with this roadie I randomly met the other day. He was going much faster than I wanted to. So my 1.25 hour ride felt like 2hrs+.

Today, I need to motivate back into the gym for a light day of the 2nd week of Strength. It's raining anyway.

In other news I got bit hard on an ebay purchase. Bought some WRX front seats for $50+$150 shipping. Driver side seat has bent rails so it won't slide. I think it will work for my position but it won't move back or forth by more than 1/2".

I finally was able to remove the rails. Sheesh was like a puzzle. tried to put it in the vise to bend it but just started screwing it up more.

Waiting to here from the seller if I can get any $ back or what. His listing didn't say anything about bent rails or as is purchase. Pissed me off. Went to dealer to see about replacement part. $100 bucks/rail, 2 most likely needed.

Am calling local junk yard today to see if I can get a lower rail assembly or what they want for a seat.

Just par for the course for me. Sometimes you get a great deal other times you get bit.


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