Thursday, August 07, 2008

those little sealing crystals..

It is time for some new dogs on the mountain bike. Pulled down a Nevegal that I've had hanging on the wall for months and mounted on the front with one press of the air chuck onto the Stans rim. It seated immediately. I love those rims.

But it kept losing air over a few hours no matter how much sealant I put in there or swished it around. I put it into my utility sink and found hundreds of micro bubbles coming out indicating that the sealant wasn't working.

I removed all the sealant and tried again. This time making sure to shake the bottle while inverted and also to use the scoop and scoop up some sealant, swirl it around and pour it back. The trick is to get all the little 'sealing crystals' off the bottom of the cup and into the tire. It even says so on the instructions on newer bottles.

Sure enough this helped a lot. It is still losing some air but nowhere near as fast as before. Can't wait to try it out. Things have been so so hectic around here for the last 3 weeks, I'm hoping things will settle down and just get back to some level of normalcy.

By the way. I'm on face book now. I feel so shallow. Invite me as your friend even though I don't know you just so I can have more friends and feel more fulfilled.

We should make a Morris follower group and a paleo diet for athletes sort of following group........


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