Thursday, July 31, 2008

You warrie

Was down in NC near Albmarle, and Troy this past weekend. Found a little jewel of a trail system in the Uwharrie National Forest - Don't ask me how to pronounce it. Hit the Woods Run parking lot and the the Supertree and Keyauwee loops plus a little connected trail off Supertree.

Got lucky and hooked up with some local riders on Friday and rode till dark one day. What a fun little trail system. A little chattery with lots of small rocks and exposed roots. Depending on the direction you go some hard short climbs.

Keyauwee loop Counter Clockwise was a hoot. I mean the kind of fun that begs you to go faster but you have gotta be on your toes cause the loose rocks, off camber and stray trees will get you.

There is this small connector off of Supertree that was also primo single track. Having the local riders to show me the loops and also provide some backup let me loosen up a little and rip it with less fear of being left out in the unknown alone if something happened. Chasing and being chased was fun.

Trail systems like this remind me that the best mountain biking is wherever you are. It might be a little small, but these guys rip it up and make the most of it putting together some cool loops. IMBA is going out there and putting in some more which will be great.

It also reminded me that if you can ride Brush mountain and SW Virginia, where I live, you can ride a lot of stuff pretty well sight unseen.


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