Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No Rhyme, No Reason. Feeling good

No Rhyme or reason these days to the training/riding. The past week has been topsy turvy with wife out of town and having the kids and work. It'll be another week till things settle down as I go out of town.

There have been no events on my calendar to work towards which leads to non-structured riding. Typically this leads to noticeable fitness loss, however this time around things seems to be going great. In fact I'd almost venture to say I'm riding as well if not stronger than last year.

It's been so lax that I haven't even been keeping a log of the rides, rest, etc. There are a couple of basic observations that seem apparent though.

First is my eating plan and weight. The Paleo Diet for Athletes plan seems to be working well for me. It's become general sort of plan that is followed about 75% of the time. While riding I'm typically using only energy drink and am riding pretty strong for up to 2.5-3hrs as long as I've scarfed well 3 hours prior. Sugar spiking is under control more. Appetite is down in general. Weight is stable and lower than in the past. Though for sure it's got some downsides.

It's only a few pounds but it sure seems to be noticeable on the bike. I feel more 'punchy'. My riding style seems to include more out of the saddle efforts than in the past. It's kinda fun. Dancing on the pedals a little. Not for very long or very fast but it feels fun.

Training rides have been shorter and with some good intensity. Can't bring myself to do any intervals on the trainer, but outside I just try to find some hills and hardly ever more then 1.5-2hrs If I ride at lunch, it includes the hardest route back to the office. Then a few days without anything, maybe a commute on the bike. A day to get the legs back and then a couple of short hard rides. Every 2 weeks a good MTB in there.

After a few days off the bike, it's a little mentally hard to actually get back on sometimes. Which seems ironic to me. I'd think I'd be pining to get back out but it seems to take a little effort to make the time to get out.

So all in all riding is fun and I feel fit


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