Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Good little accessory for shock pumps

One of the annoying things about shock pumps for forks and rear shocks is the loss of air when removing the chuck from the shock. You have to thread the pump on just tight enough so that when you take it off you can do it in one swift 1/4 turn motion. The goal is a very short pffft sound. More often than not though it's a longer psssss sound and you've lost more air than you wanted.

I saw this little gizmo at the bike shop and decided to try it out.

First you thread this unit onto the shock. Then thread your shock pump on. If there is air in the shock you have to pump up past the intial pressure in order to break the seal of a check valve inside this thing. The pressure will increase quickly then once the check valve is broken it will drop a little bit immediately. Pump up to desired value from there.

Then, if the shock pump has a air pressure release hit it short and quick to remove all the air pressure from the pump. Unthread the pump from the unit then unthread the unit from the shock.

I think it works. I pumped up to a value took it off then put it back on and once the check valve was broken it was at the same pressure I'd finished from the first time.


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