Friday, December 02, 2005

Affordable winter cycling gear

Cycling gear is hell of expensive. Especially if you are into name brands like Pi, Assos, Santini, Craft, etc.

Here is a real cool outfit that uses the same high end technical fabrics like the big names but with some seriously lower prices.


The owner's name is Lou. And he will make stuff custom sized if you need it for no extra charge. You can also pick and chose what weight fabric (light, mid, heavy) you want, and where you want it(front/back and mix/match. I just love the customization options. And the choices of light,mid, heavy for the fabrics.

For example you can get a vest with mid weight windbloc on front and light weight mesh on the back, different colors for each

I got one of his Evap Lite Jackets


Under the arms is light mesh that allows air flow so you have constant ventilation. The front is 98% windproof power shield. The rear is light vented fabric. 470. Not bad compared to $150-$200 for the same exact fabric from name brand.

His prices on tights are incredible especially some of the technical ones with windfront panels

hats/skullcaps in 3 different choices of weights for $5

These go for like $15-$25 from another brand

Socks for $5 or heavyweight socks for $9

Balaclavas in differnt weights for $9

This same thing goes for like $20-30

Base layer power dry shirts for $25.

You can also get a bunch of decent base layer stuff at Walmart too.


At 5:24 PM, Blogger mags said...

Cycling gear can get waaaay to expensive. I actually think it hurts recruitment at the youth level. We are all so caught up in the "equipment frenzie" that it can easily cost a mother or a father $5000 or Euros or more just in equipment, in order for their son/daughter to start participating in the sport. Imagine having 2-3 kids that might be interesting in starting out. I'm sure some families just can't justify such spending. For 99.99% of all riders, the biggest performance enhancer is not the bike, the shoes or the shorts - but simply legs, heart and lungs. And it's very cheap to improve them... At least when measured in money. Very few riders actually benefit from riding a top-of-the-line bike. Of course, if you have the money - got for it. But at a youth level, it is unhealthy to create such a "pressure" when it comes to equipment. Endurance sports need all the help they can get when it comes to recruiment. Expensive equipment does not make it any easier.


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