Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Why it's hard to focus on cycling when you are a regular joe

Those of us with regular lives can have a hard time sometimes focusing on training when the rest of life takes it toll. Here is an example.

Last night 4am Neurotic boy climbs in bed. Musical beds, I go to his bed. He comes in once I'm settled looking for some "Lego Thing" I give him a Lego guy which he proceeds to throw down, "No not that, the Lego thing that he sits on". He then finds that and proceeds to ask for the Lego guy to go on the Lego thing. The same Lego Guy he just threw down somewhere. So I find that and give it to him, with a swat for good measure. And then he is crying because I hit him "on Purpose". And I am feeling guilty.

Then I'm not sure what happened or where I slept but around 5:45 I hear him go downstairs to go see mom who is working out in the basement. So now I am up making breakfast, and then the older one gets up.

Then this afternoon my wife calls at work, and Neurotic boy is now Lunatic boy and almost destroying a favorite lamp, scratching mom, and not going to his room. He only goes to his room when he hears that the Enforcer is coming home.

I get home to find him destroying his room


He can't come out till it is all cleaned up and he apologizes to mom. He gets the lecture about Santa Claus and the Naughty and Nice list.

So mom's upset obviously so there is a saying that "If Momma ain't happy ain't nobody happy".

And I'm trying to trouble shoot those crappy Christmas lights where you have the find that ONE bulb that is keeping the lights from lighting. So two strands ended up in the garbage, a third one was trashed from Lunatic boy swinging them around.

Oh, my car failed inspection because of a relay switch for the reverse lights, so that part is on order, expensive part. And I'm driving around with a REJECTION sticker on my car.
A metaphor for life maybe? Just kidding. I've got a pretty cush life in the grand scheme of things

And there is work, and the other stuff, and then somewhere in there is training and cycling. Somehow I just don't read about this sort of stuff at
Todd Wells or Sager or Kricket or Martini

Now I'm sure they all have their ups and downs and they are professionals after all so cycling is their job. And they chose a different path with their own sacrifices like explaining to a mortgage broker how being a professional cyclist is a stable profession. So we all just brotha's tryin' to get buy I guess.


At 8:11 AM, Blogger Keith said...

I know how you feel! I've had some unexpected work pressures interfering with my normal training routine (and mental state) this week. Not fun.

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