Friday, July 15, 2005

Yeah Horner!

What a nerve racking end to the Tour. I was up, pacing around, couldn't sit still. Oh man, just willing Horner and Chavanel to the end. He didn't make it but he made his mark today.

I've just really liked that guy since seeing him in Pro. He pretty much says what he means, holding nothing back. Sole breadwinner of a family of 4 and takes a half or more pay cut to go back to Europe. Breaks his leg, then with an ultimatum to win the US PRO to get on the tour squad, gets second. Then a second chance to get on the squad with a stage win in another race, and he does it.

Not sure if he did the right thing at the end slowing down which cost them the stage, but like he said, he wasn't going to lead it out to let the other guy win, and if the other guy couldn't beat a guy who has been in the break all day than it is his own fault.

I like Chavanel because he was the guy that Lance caught that day he crashed when his bar caught that bag. Almost made it then too. Plus I just like how his name sounds, listeninig to Phil and Paul say those Euro pro names is motivating somehow.

Tomorrow is the time trial. Just want to ride a good hard ride, Go out tempo and than turn myself inside out on the way back. Trying not to think about placings or awards. Though it is the Commonwealth games and I think they give out really nice medals.


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