Thursday, July 14, 2005

Leadout intervals

Did some leadout intervals on the trainer this morning

6reps of 20sec on 20sec off. Start at a low cadence, pick hard enough gear to ramp up to 120rpm. Except I forgot that and was shooting for 130-145rpm. Doh no wonder I could only do 3 sets instead of 5.

There is an off road time trial at Carvin's Cove this Saturday for the Virginia Commonwealth games.
Carvin's Cove Time Trial
I think I'm going to do it. Haven't done anything competitive since May, so even though it is just a fire road course with a touch of single track it will be nice to have something to try and push hard for

I've got two choices. A dual suspension bike for a fire road course, or a rigid with only a middle ring and 8 in the back. No big ring. Hmm. Not sure yet what to do.

Should be fun. Trying to focus on just pushing as hard as I can. Watching the tour has provided good inspiration. There probably won't be many people racing but that's ok, I want to show my support to those that are putting this thing on. It is the first ever event at the Cove and that is a HUGE step because of the non-cycling friendly management of the place. So if it goes well, I hope it will help for the future.


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