Friday, May 27, 2005

My Favorite road ride

Spruce Run

Dropped little one off at daycare then did the Spruce Run road ride. I love this ride. Not sure why I haven't done it in a while. Took 3 mins off my best time. Feeling it now everytime I walk up the steps.

I do the route a little different. I take Prices Fork to Keister's Branch road and then drop down to Mt. Zion. Glade road is really pretty but I hate the blind hills/corners and crazy drivers, so I just hoss it down Prices Fork.

And on the way home cut off 460 to Bishop road (very pretty) to Tabor road and then to that road that connects Main street with Tom's Creek.

This is the hardest 2hr road ride around. Just seems to be lots of gradual up, gradual down though there are two big climbs. So there is no place to coast, you're on it all the time. Some of the most scenic SW VA riding, and some not so scenic Highway 460.

It's got two sections of gravel pave' so make sure your tires are pumped up and aren't so racer light that the sidewalls will get cut at the sight of small sharp rocks. It's always fun to get that verys light drifting feeling on skinny tires. I'm too scared to really slide but it feels like it.

Fun ride. Always hurts in a good way.


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