Thursday, May 26, 2005

Cyclocross Frameset for sale-SOLD

SOLD 6-06-05

For Sale:
Cyclocross frame / fork.
-Single speed / geared
(also for sale at later date XTR/Velocity 700c wheelset)



It was made by Alan Wanta a custom frame builder out of California in 2003.
Alan used to build for the original Schwinn Waterford plant making Paramounts starting in 1979 and is an accomplished builder. We worked together together designing the frame and it has some neat features.

Warranty Info
I asked Allan about his warranty policy for non-original owners. He
About the warranty, I'll accept any reasonable problems with the construction just as I would with the original owner, so no problems.


No desire to sell the frame to someone that it doesn't fit. If you just cannot get the bike to fit after trying several stems / seatposts / bars, etc. I'll refund your money less any shipping costs as long as it is in the same general condition.

-I have longer legs and a shorter torso, so this frame has a shorter than normal top tube length

-The top tube has a 3degree slope on it. So not as drastic as a compact frame but it is not horizantal

-The effective (horizontal) top tube is 51cm
-Actual top tube length is 50cm
-The actual C-C seat tube s 48.5cm
-atual C-T seat tube is 52cm.
-If the top tube was horizontal the seat tube would be approximately 51.5-52 C-C. So that is the # I'd use for comparing this frame to other frame sizes

-With 700Cx35 tires on there the measurement from ground to center of BB axle is 298mm. I had asked for a road bike bottom bracket height for better handling and stabiltiy.

-Front center (from BB to front axle) is 57cm

I put the wheels back on and measured STANDOVER. (Note that there were NO tires/tubes mounted on the wheels when I measured. I measured from the ground to the center of the top tube
approx. 29.5"


-Chain stay 16.5"

-Rear dropout spacing is 130mm, but I ran XTR hubs with 135mm spacing and the dropouts easily open up to accomadate the larger axle.

-27.2 seat post

-68mm BB shell

-72 degree head
-73.5 degree seat tube

-extended head tube so that you don't need to have a ton of spacers for getting a higher bar

Tubing / Construction

This frame is built from Columbus FOCO tubing. FOCO is one step down from the Ultra FOCO which at the time was their flagship ultra light tubeset. So it is not for you clydesdales. It is extremely light. the weight of the frame with no fork or headset cups or other hardware is
1646 grams (3.63 lbs)

All tubes are FOCO.

The fork is a Tange Cyclocross fork with what looks like stainless ends.


The bottom bracket is lugged and the rest of the frame is Fillet brazed.


-Most notable was the specification for a horizontal track end that also has a deraileur tab. The venerable singlespeed kings of cool,
Surly sell this type of track end to framebuilders.


This is the same track end used on the Karate Monkey. It makes for an incredibly versatile frame. It is so easy to go back and forth between single speed / fixed and geared. The Surly track end is also perfectly mated to the Surly Tuggnut (NOT included already sold it) which adds so much cool you might not be ready for it.


Alan used some really cool braze ons, for the cable guides, brake hanger, and the water bottle bosses. The cable guides are not slotted.

He also used some cable guides around the BB to keep the cables from going on the underside of the BB keeping them out of the muck/mud


The cable guide on the chain stay is a step down style which is a throw back to the classic bikes of days gone by.


I will include a step down ferrule and also a seat binder bolt.

There are eyelets on the rear and on the fork for mounting racks/ fenders.

The frame is in great condition. It has the requisite scuffs from being a ridden frame, but it is not beat up. I used it for commuting which included some gravel roads, and did some single track a few times. I wish I'd commuted more but honestly this bike only was ridden once week if that, and sat for weeks on end some months. It has never been raced or crashed. The rear wheel had slipped a few times when in single speed mode and the paint has been scraped off the inside of the right chain stay.

On the top tube there is one paint ding where the handlebar smacked the top tube when I was changing bar wrap . doh!


There are some other small paint scrapes but nothing notable.

I am asking $400 + $20 shipping. It will be shipped in a nice frame box, wrapped in bubble tap and other packaging, and will include drop out savers in the rear dropouts and fork.

Check out the wheels when I get them posted.

This is a really sweet Steel is real lightweight designed for cyclocross steed. It rides with that sweet feel of a high end steel bike. The FOCO tubing is a little more rigid than 531 or other more compliant steel, but it is also more responsive. Like any cross bike, it feels a bit slow on the road with the slacker geometry, but it is plenty fast for road riding as well. It truly shines in it's element which is on fire roads and the dirt. Amazing how stable it feels compared to a roadie on the gravel / dirt roads.

This is what it looked like built up

The reason for selling it is that I'm getting another mountain bike and just don't have room for another bike. Sadly, I am just not riding this bike like it should and hope someone else can ride it for it's intended purpose. Cross.

I hope I've included enough information and pictures. Don't hesitate to ask any questions or more pictures. Just email

Thanks for looking.


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