Thursday, May 19, 2005

Campy shifters with Shimano wheels

There has always been a huge amount of debate and question regarding the compatability of using Campy shifter with Shimano wheels/cassette. They are not totally compatabile. There are very small differences in the spacing of the cassette and when you factor in 9 or 10 cogs those differences in spacing start to get magnified.

There are a plethora of jury rig fixes to get them to work. Ranging from a 3rd party cassette to shim spacers to just doing nothing. See here for a run down.

Methods for Campy/Shimano compatability

I've got 1999 Chorus 9 speed shifters with Shimano Cassette/chain. At the time our team was sponsored by Cane Creek and at the time Cane Creek only had Shimano compatible freebodies. But I wanted the Campy shifters. I liked the hood shape better and wasn't the craziest about Shimano in general. Cane creek gave me some thin spacers to space out the Dura ace cassette. And for the past several years that's what I've been on. It works, yeah. It is not silky smooth/quiet like a complete system would be. And adjusting it after a cable change is royal pain.

Just saw this thing mentioned in the Road bike rider newsletter
This definitely looks like something I'd like to try out.


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